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A Veteran with a true understanding of what it means to serve people.  Joe has a plethora of experiences from serving in the U.S. Army in Mogadishu, Somalia on a combat deployment, pursuing law enforcement as a patrol officer, becoming a Marshal with the Federal Air Marshal Service, while participating in numerous international missions and acquiring certification as a skilled Hostage/Crisis Negotiator to name a few.  It wasn’t until a change of pace in his career by being promoted to Assistant Director where he developed his love for real estate and gained a comprehensive knowledge of construction, landlord, and tenant perspectives by negotiating deals for his agency which included 10 year commercial leases ranging from small retail areas to expansive 200,000 SF office spaces.

Equipped with an MBA and certification as a Military Relocation Professional, Joe possesses a deep understanding of the challenges associated with frequent relocations. Having personally undergone numerous moves throughout his career, he empathizes with clients searching for their ideal rental or purchase. Recognizing the significance of a home and the comfort it can provide, Joe approaches his work with utmost professionalism, honor, and integrity.  His extensive travels across the globe have exposed him to diverse cultures and individuals, often during their most trying times.  This has fostered within him a genuine compassion for people and a commitment ensuring their best possible outcomes. Drawing upon invaluable experiences, Joe capitalizes on his expertise to assist clients in finding the perfect fit for their needs.

Whether you require unwavering support in commercial leasing, land transactions, or residential real estate, Joe is the person to call. With his steadfast dedication and expansive skill set, he will have your back every step of the way.

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